Service Design Outcomes

  • Business Plan for potential Swiss distributor of new medical device (2018) 
  • IT Vendor Management Concept for stock exchange (2020)
  • Global Framework for Vendor and Contract Management, including risk management and evidence of compliance, at a global bank (2015)
  • Outsourcing Risk Matrix and Policy at global insurer (2012)
  • Vendor Management Policy at global bank (2015)
  • Cross-Border Operating Model for regional bank (2007)
  •  Set of performance management metrics for generics pharmaceuticals (2022)

Collaboration Outcomes

  • Conception and Negotiation of distributor agreement for new medical device (2018)
  • Conception, Negotiation and Implementation of Outsourcing Transaction for debt collection for global insurer (2013)
  • Conception and Implementation of Standardized Commercial Framework (service definition, pricing, reporting and governed interactions) for shared services at global insurer (2012)
  • Effective Business Partnering with CIOs, COOs, IT and Service Managers at logistics service company, global travel operator, national banks and global insurer (2001, 2005, 2007 and 2011-2014)

Transformational Outcomes

  • Institutionalized effective governance for new Global Category  Management function of leader in Automotive (2022)
  • Control Tower coordination during successful technical migration of large bank (2020)
  • Establishment of Community and Onboarding Process for standardized vendor and contract management in a global bank (2016)
  • Establishment of Financial Business Partnering and performance management, linking activity with financials and metrics, at a global insurer (2012)
  • Lean Operations Transformation (process engineering, work and output tracking, performance management and feedback system) at global IT service provider (2007)

Financial Outcomes

  • Business Plan for a startup aiming to launch an innovative digital medicinal product in the treatment of ADHD in children (2018)
  • Business Case for application development outsourcing (make or buy decision, baselining, scenario planning and savings tracking) at global insurer (2012)
  • Procurement and Supply Optimization, including baselining and establishment of global tender capability, for Italian manufacturer of complex engineering products (2010)
  •  First steps towards savings in procurement, identification and scoping of initiatives in professional services and marketing, for generics pharmaceutical client (2023)
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