Effective Vendor Governance

I have managed individual vendor relationships, analyzed aggregate risk and exposure, set strategies for and implemented governance for supplier spend of very large organizations. I have created and set up and rolled out global and standardized vendor and contract governance, onboarded and influenced hundreds of managers to take on new tasks. Functions covered were IT, Operations, Finance, Real Estate, Risk, Legal, and business divisions.

The value of clear and meaningful vendor and contract activity, put in context and linked (to minimize re-work and coordination effort), is appreciated by everyone, when done right. It gives insight, and allows a company to spend efforts where they pay off. It is also a necessity for regulatory and control purposes, and very useful to inform category strategies.
Since all organizations, functions and persons are different, setting up effective governance requires great listening and engagement in the interests of others; it requires finesse in (internal) negotiation, and an aptitude for design thinking. A tool that I often use to learn about vendors, contracts, practices and values in an organization is simple scoring, using Excel; I find that it helps to convert statements and opinions to facts, that we can make decisions about. 
I have this experience, and can help your organization.