Your milestone achieved. Your team stronger.

I help corporate function executives define and implement strategies, transform their functions, lower costs, and obtain new organizational capabilities.

Whether in Finance or Procurement, whether your change is by your own initiative or not, I see and break down what needs to happen. I take on responsibility and am accountable to you. I bear the burden of complexity and energize and enable your team.

At McKinsey and Accenture, and as manager, I have gained experience effectively tackling change and influencing people. I partner with you and enjoy myself as I help others. Based in Zurich, I travel to you. I  work in German, Italian, French or English.

Engaged on client problems, I apply a versatile, positive and adaptive style of working until we reach desired changes. I advise and deliver on topics such as service strategy and design, strategic sourcing, vendor governance and financial performance. My home-office is in Zurich, Switzerland.
I am fascinated about, and work towards, well-functioning organizations and systems with clear rules of engagement and respectful and interest-based collaboration and negotiation. My work includes business plans and business cases, outsourcing transactions, procurement category strategies, risk and financial frameworks and policies, and service transformation. Lately, following clients’ needs, my work has centered in on achieving savings in procurement and lowering run rate cost. 
Highly strategic and well-versed across business functions, I act as a trusted advisor and leverage my experiences from consulting (McKinsey, Accenture) and from industry (Zurich Insurance, UBS). I am quick to see the essence of problems,  in the context of the organization, and enjoy it to engage with new clients. Problems that fit me are complex and cross-functional, and it typically requires agility to grasp and address them. Socially apt and confident in communication and negotiation, I interact with care. I energize from people and care about organizational performance and team health.  To get a flair of how I think and what it is like to work with me, you may browse through my blog.
My “power” is to quickly gauge and express the essence of a situation and needs, and then stay adaptive through implementation, never giving up on either work or teams. I have a track record of achieving change.  Being independent fits my curiosity and desire to learn. I am fluent in Swedish, English, Italian, German and French. Read about my work, my consulting areas. and contact me. 
My work spans various sectors, with a particular interest in life sciences. Let’s collaborate to drive positive transformations in your organization.