Service Strategy & Design

I have defined and structured problems and built plans and solutions; I have held key implementation roles following multiple mergers, created a cross-border operating model, done a service rescue by implementing lean operations, done strategic sourcing and created and ran a system for global vendor management. I worked in the sectors of pharmaceutical research, medical devices, logistics, automotive, banking, insurance and high tech/IT.

I enjoy complex problems, involving many functions, countries and companies. I rather like to enter in places where problems are either complex or emotionally charged, because then the reward to resolve them is extra high. I can enter new businesses quickly, see cause-and-effect relationships, and be effective in decision-making by investigating, structuring, breaking down complexity, synthesizing options and proposing solutions. I like to describe what I see, rendering it easy to talk about, generating options of what to do, to change and transform. Contact me, if I can help you.
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